Case Study:

Lead Generation with Digital Ads for MultiOne America

Objective: MultiOne America is the national headquarters and distributor for MultiOne loaders, produced in Italy. We worked with them to develop a marketing strategy to help them reach their sales goals. By creating a digital ad plan and researching keywords & audience, creating content, and managing the ads, we significantly increased the number of website visitors, lead forms, and inquiry calls to the office.

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We researched the most effective platforms to purchase ads on, and worked with management to fulfill their wishes regarding the lead channels that would be most likely to convert. We also took into account the strengths of the sales team to respond to certain types of leads. Besides immediate inquiries, we aimed to increase the newsletter signups on the site and social media audience. By building out leads in every part of the sales funnel, we ensured that we could nurture our audience in every stage.


For keyword-based ads like Google Search and YouTube ads, we outlined the industries that purchase the loaders and performed research to target them. We also researched viewers of certain YouTube channels who were likely purchasers of our product.


Google Search- we created a spreadsheet to plan out campaigns, ad groups, and ads.

YouTube- We worked with a local video editor to turn existing footage into compelling ads. By creating ads around three different messages, we were able to speak directly to different audiences.

Social Media- We worked with staff to create intriguing videos that would catch the attention of impatient social media users and leave them wanting more.


Google Search- By utilizing best practices we ensured that each ad and link was trackable with UTM links. Audiences, keywords, and ads could all be measured and optimized to perform better over time.

YouTube- By testing keyword, topic, and channel placements, we were able to narrow down our spending for the options the performed the best.

Social Media- We started with a strategy of follower building so our organic content would be more effective. After we reached our follower goals, we switched to a lead generation objective. While still having the side-effect of building followers, we sent users to the website to learn more about the product and submit their inquiries.


Objective- Social Media Followers

We grew the Facebook followers 10% over 6 months and took a fresh Instagram account from 0 to 900+ over the same time frame. After paid ads stopped, the accounts continued to receive new organic followers with the help of a great content plan.

Objective- Website Traffic with Google Search Ads

Hubspot states that 1.91% is the average click-through-rate for search ads. With the help of excellent ad writing, detailed targeting, additional ad extensions, and an intriguing product, our ads got twice the average with a 4.63% CTR.

Website visitors increased an astounding 100 times! We also achieved an average page/session of 4. That’s a lot of content consumed by our visitors, and shows they were genuinely interested in the product.

Objective- Website Inquiries and Phone Calls with YouTube ads

Our YouTube ads significantly increased website traffic and were responsible for 77% of conversions. The bounce rate was low, which can be attributed to the audience targeting of the campaign.

The three campaigns met the client’s KPIs and they were thrilled with the results. They expanded their success by having us launch the campaign in two other languages.

**All images shown are publicly available as to not infringe on the privacy of the client.

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