Case Study:

Integrated Marketing for Insurance Agent

Objective: A local insurance office wanted to educate and nurture a group of industry professionals who could refer them a continuous stream of new customers. By crafting an email campaign and pairing it with in-person visits, the professionals were sure to remember the insurance office. Add to that a quick email on their birthday, and it’s hard to be forgotten!

By crafting a series of emails, integrated with real-world in-person marketing, you can leave a lasting impression on your target market.

Project Management

We listened to our client's idea for an integrated marketing campaign and suggested ways in which it could be executed in a memorable way. From there, we worked to create a schedule of in-person meetings for the client, paired with emails sent directly to the target audience's inboxes. Each week had a different focus, and the audience got to hear about each business feature twice- once in person, and once via email campaign.

Email List Management

Working with an email list isn't as easy as importing it. We made sure the fields matched, completed the import, and got rid of bad emails that could harm my client's online reputation.

We also scheduled emails to be sent on each contact's birthday, helping to establish a warm relationship and retaining name recognition over time.

Content Creation

We created and scheduled a campaign of six emails. Each email focused on a feature of the insurance policy that would be of interest to the target audience. We paired nice design with benefit-driven language to ensure that each email made it's mark.


We created a custom report so our client could view email opens, clicks, and more. By analyzing our data, we were able to make tweaks in the campaign to make it more successful the next time around.