WordPress Website Development

What is a local service business?

A local service business is any business that works with clients in their community to provide a service. Sometimes they work with clients nationally as well, but their main intention is to work locally.

One of our clients is a bookkeeping firm. The main aim of their website is to attract local businesses. However, they are listed in some national databases because they can work remotely as well. It’s harder to create a website that attracts national clients, because there’s a lot of competition locally. Our website strategy is to start locally where there’s less SEO competition and expand to a national level when they have grown their business.

Other local service businesses provide a product, but it’s made to order, not purchased wholesale or available for immediate purchase. For example, one of our other clients custom makes wooden doors. Their clients contact them with their design needs and measurements, and they craft the door in their shop.

We don’t do ecommerce websites, real estate websites, or websites for course creators. We know what we’re good at and stick with it- getting local leads!

Why don't we create websites for everyone?

Local service businesses in Springfield, MO and around the country are our specialty. We don’t do e-commerce, and we’re not afraid to say no if we don’t think we’re the best fit for a project.

The needs of local service business are very specific and we’ve gotten really good at serving them.

A lot of what makes us great is our content writing. By writing out pages for each service (with SEO in mind of course!) you’re setting your business up for success when people search. You can also run cheaper and more effective ads.

Local SEO

We create our sites with SEO as the #1 priority. We’ll target one city or area on the homepage, then create subpages if you want to to show up in nearby cities.

Every piece of content we write is done so with your sales objectives and local SEO in mind.

Get a design that's totally Yours

Whether you want to add your own photos to a template or get your entire site designed from scratch, you’ll love how it represents your business perfectly.

WordPress makes anything possible

If you’re price shopping and comparing a custom WordPress development to Squarespace or Wix, it can be jaw-dropping to see the price of custom site development.

A website builder may be just what you need at this point in your business, and that’s fine. What WordPress offers is a blank slate – a jumping off point if you will. Start with a basic site now, and as you grow, you’ll be able to add your blog, payment functionality, and lots of other integrations to make your day-to-day a lot easier.

For example, you may require a form for leads that has special functionality, like an explanation before a question, or integration with a 3rd party service. You can do almost anything a small business needs in WordPress. If you use a Squarespace, you’re limited to the options they give you. For some businesses, this small functionality can decrease their workloads and is worth the investment.

Don't waste a moment of your time

As a small business owner, your time is your most valuable asset. When you go with a custom-built WordPress website from the start, you get a website that looks the way you want it to, and can grow with your business. Best of all- you didn’t waste a bunch of time trying to figure out one more piece of software.

Small Business Pricing

A website is an essential part of marketing, but it shouldn’t cost more than it brings in. We can customize pricing to allow you to have exactly what you need on a budget you can handle. Keep scrolling to choose your options.

How Much does a custom website cost to build?

We won’t rope you and charge what we think we can get away with. Our WordPress website pricing is straightforward. We happily publish it on our website so we don’t waste anyone’s time. Just choose the options that work best for your budget.

Start Here:

Website Build


What your visitors see

  • Header and Footer with menu, contact info, and social buttons
  • Homepage + 2 other pages
  • Editing of 12 stock photos or photos you provide
  • Contact form
  • SEO friendly content writing or editing for these 3 pages
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Pick from two integrations- Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Calendly, Instagram feed, Facebook feed, email list

The backend that makes it work

We also set our clients up for success by implementing features on the backend. You don’t see them, but they’ll make a difference in your SEO.

  • Meta titles and descriptions so you show up in search results
  • Sitemap submission to Google Search Console
  • SSL (the fancy lock that tells visitors their info is safe)
  • CDN (helps your pages load faster)
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Report set up so you can receive monthly website updates

Add On:

Additional Pages


per page

Answer your visitors' questions

Your website build comes with a homepage plus 2 additional pages. Many clients want more pages to give their customers:

  • Resources
  • All  list of services
  • A page for each service (great for SEO)
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Team or About Me

Each page includes:

  • Page design
  • Inserting the content you write (see the next add-on if you want us to write the material for each page)
  • Editing of 4 stock photos or photos you provide

Add On:

Content writing


per page

Get optimized for search

We also offer content writing services so you can have a completely hands-off website build.


We do a phone interview or review past marketing or business documents you send us to create the text on your pages.

Each page includes:

  • Extensive keyword and SEO competitor research 
  • Writing up to 1200 words per page
  • Writing that enhances a visitor’s experience, like answering questions or qualifying a lead

Add On:

Blog Setup


Provide updates and SEO-rich information

A blog is a setup that allows you to continually add information to your website. Some clients use them to publish SEO articles or resources. Other clients use them to publish company news. Having a blog makes it easy to add content yourself.

Each Blog setup includes:

  • Main Blog page (lists all articles)
  • Category pages (so users can view what applies to them)
  • Blog Template- can include a sidebar with links, author bios, or other information you want to show on every blog post
  • Training videos to help you add posts on your own

Add On:

Lead Magnet


Get leads by providing value

A lead magnet is a download that gives your leads something they need. In exchange, they provide their email address or phone number. You can then keep in touch via a drip email campaign or have your sales team follow up.

Each Lead Magnet setup includes:

  • Discussion with you to determine the best lead magnet for your target audience
  • Content writing (up to 2400 words) and design of PDF download
  • Call-to-action section on the website
  • Download mechanism and integration with your email provider

Add On:



Need something not listed?

There are hundreds of WordPress plugins that can be configured to meet your specific needs. We’re happy to provide a quote for installing and integrating them with your website.

What is hosting and what will it cost?

Hosting is where your website “lives” so everyone on the internet can access it. We’ve created plans depending on your maintenance, website updating, and content creation needs.


$ 90
  • Hosting with 5k monthly visitors, 2 GB disk space, and 400 GB bandwidth
  • Site security through industry-standard Securi software​
  • Nightly backups to easily return to normal if your site does get hacked
  • Emergency support in case of site vulnerability
  • Monthly site maintenance to keep WordPress and plugins up to date
  • Detailed monthly website reports sent to your inbox
  • Backend access provided and migration-compatible

White Glove Hosting

$ 250
  • Everything included in Basic Hosting
  • Includes 2 hours of website changes per month. Send in your blog posts, update your offerings, or add a page section
  • Perfect for businesses who have a content or marketing plan they'll be implementing each month.

Platinum SEO Hosting

$ 800
  • Everything included in White Glove Hosting
  • Content plan created once per year
  • One optimized blog article per month written and published. Includes keyword research, content research, image sourcing, graphic creation, and at least 1200 words.